If you've felt inspired by Fractal Youniverse, appreciate my message, would like to contribute to my research, or just feel generous, donations are GREATLY APPRECIATED. 100% of donations go directly to my Project & Research Fund which allow me to edit, film, study, write, and maintain an online presence.

In addition to my Symbol of the Day, podcasts, and adding visuals to lectures, I am now embarking on a new project called New Horizons. The New Horizons video series came about from a discovery of reel-to-reel audio recordings by me and fellow PhD students in the basement of the GTU library. They turned out to be of a Bay Area radio show called New Horizons hosted by Will Noffke. In them I found undigitized audios of Terence McKenna (12-15), Alan Watts, Albert Hoffman, Timothy Leary, Rupert Sheldrake, Ralph Metzner, and more! These audios have not been heard since the day they aired live on the radio and I am currently getting them digitized. Therefore, I have invested in new video graphics and equipment to ensure the quality of the video series. Any donation size to help me cover my expenses, contribute to the purchasing of new graphics, or just want to show your appreciation for the hundreds of hours spent producing video content is again greatly appreciated.

Thank you.